Underworld Exiles

Underworld Exiles

3x EXP/Harvest PvP Conan Exiles Server with Disabled Gods and Weekend Raiding.
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Server Rules

  • 6 Man Clan limit
  • No Blocking POI
  • No meshing
  • No foundation stacking
  • Do not raid map rooms at obelisks
  • No racial slurs
  • No Gods (Bubbles are ok)
  • Raid times are 8:00PM- 11:00PM EST on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • 4 AM Eastern Timezone Restarts
  • Blocking boss spawns is not permitted. Blocking large resource areas is not permitted. Blocking passes where no other passage is available is not permitted. Building right next to large established bases or trying to wall off other players bases is not permitted. Spamming the map with foundations is not permitted. If you see a violation take screenshot and give coordinates to Admin. No putting down foundations to "land claim" for future builds. If you want to build, build immediately.
  • Clans - it also falls under your responsibility to make sure no one in your clan is abusing game mechanics or partaking in continued harassment. Do not associate under any circumstances with players you suspect are hacking, exploiting or abusing any of the guidelines above. If you suspect any of them are partaking in such actions, please report them to an Admin and distance yourself or your clan from these players.


Join us in our community Discord to talk to admins and other players. We will make most announcements here in regards to the server.
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